Marketing Blueprint Design

Account Evaluation

It's not an audit; it's a groundbreaking blueprint.

What do we deliver?

Account Evaluation

Audit Benefits

1 Personalized


We understand the uniqueness of your vertical and target audience. Our audits take your input into account, ensuring a personalized approach.

2 Insightful


We go beyond a simple to-do list. Our audits provide clear strategies, empowering account managers with options and revealing growth opportunities for end advertisers.

3 Actionable


A complete strategy requires actionable tactics. Our audits come packed with short to long-term implementation plans, helping you achieve key milestones at every level.

Delft Marketing

Why we should avoid lead-bait automated “audits”

Delft Marketing

What Do We Deliver?

We deliver objective performance insights and provide sound strategic recommendations that are actionable and measurable. Our in-house experts are dedicated to offering continuous support throughout the process. What does this mean:



Budget and Bidding






By customizing our approach, we ensure that our recommendations and insights align precisely with your unique circumstances. Whether your objectives involve boosting conversions, optimizing return on investment (ROI), or increasing brand visibility, we take into account your budget constraints, industry dynamics, and overarching goals to provide strategic guidance and actionable suggestions.