In this article, we’ll explore warning signs that end advertisers and agencies should keep an eye out for.


When it comes to entrusting your paid campaigns to a third-party white label agency, it’s crucial to be aware of potential red flags. In this article, we’ll explore warning signs that end advertisers and agencies should keep an eye out for. By blending our insights and observations, we’ll help you navigate the pitfalls and make informed decisions. Get ready for a blend of expertise and unconventional wisdom!

Red Flags: Proceed with Caution!

Vanity Metrics:

Are They Focusing on the Right Numbers? Beware of agencies that prioritize tracking click-to-form conversions over actual form submissions. A reputable agency manager understands the difference between micro conversions and conversions that you monetize from, while the former are great to keep building and considering upon, the latter should drive the optimization and strategy process (mostly) that does not mean you are short sighted and disregard the value of page-views and time on page, but it cannot be the only thing you are being shown.

“ It’s important to focus on metrics that truly matter for your campaigns’ success. Don’t get swayed by vanity metrics – opt for quality over quantity! ”

Cookie Cutter Reporting or Lack of Customization:

One Size Does Not Fit All Avoid agencies that provide generic or templated reports without customizing them to your specific needs. Personalized reports are essential for gaining meaningful insights and actionable recommendations. Say no to cookie-cutter approaches and embrace tailored reporting! It doesn’t mean that it’s poorly made, but it does not reflect the data that you and key decision makers need, to make strategic decisions.

Inconsistent Communication:

Avoid layers of red tape

Delayed or unreliable communication can lead to misunderstandings and setbacks. Ensure the agency maintains consistent and transparent communication channels. When your message has to be conveyed and translated multiple times, it’s time to take a close look on who you are dealing with. Don’t let miscommunication hinder your campaigns – prioritize clear and timely exchanges!

Shoddy “Tech Stack”:

Demand Cutting-Edge Solutions Be cautious of agencies that require you to pay for proprietary tools that are subpar imitations of existing technology. Seek an agency that leverages industry-standard tools to deliver optimal results without compromising quality or cost-effectiveness.

Now, if you are part of a Beta from the likes of Optmyzr (shout out to Frederick Vallaeys) or SKAI then by all means there are reputable third party solutions, but if your agency is trying something new and you have to pay for it to work with them, then it’s a hard pass.

Embrace cutting-edge solutions!

Play It By Ear Onboarding:

Structure Ensures Success

Don’t let onboarding fall through the cracks! Look for agencies that provide a well-structured onboarding process to ensure a seamless experience. A structured approach avoids confusion and delays, setting the stage for a successful partnership from the start. Either they have experience with clients your size or they don’t and if it’s evident then its best to realign expectations.

Inconsistent Optimization Change Logs:

Shedding Light on Campaign Adjustments. Ensure the agency maintains clear documentation and transparency regarding optimization changes made to your campaigns. Understanding the adjustments and their impact on performance is crucial.

Some things to look out for: 1) changes do not align to what you are being told, 2) there are no changes logged anywhere 3) the changes are incoherent to the previously discussed strategy: bid changes to fix disapproved ads 4) the changes are cosmetic and would have not impact on performance: i.e.: adding labels to campaigns as an optimization.

Don’t let hidden tweaks and mysteries hinder your progress – demand transparency!

Short-Term Strategy and Long-Term Excuses:

Results That Speak for Themselves Beware of agencies that focus solely on short-term gains and make excuses for long-term underperformance. Partner with an agency that demonstrates a strategic vision aligned with your business objectives. Choose a partner committed to delivering remarkable and sustainable results! Avoid agencies who take a nonchalant approach to lack of performance or inconsistent results.


By remaining vigilant and recognizing these red flags, you can avoid common pitfalls when dealing with a white label agency for your paid campaigns. Armed with our combined insights, you can make informed decisions and navigate the digital marketing landscape with confidence. Remember, your campaigns deserve excellence, transparency, and a touch of unconventional wisdom. Happy advertising!

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